Hi, I’m Jack Hanrahan

I’m a trainer and soft tissue therapist based in London. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide array of clients across the globe. These include athletes, CEOs and actors on films such as X-Men Apocalypse and Bohemian Rhapsody. I love my job and I’m passionate about helping people to improve the way they look, move and feel. I am always proud and grateful to be a part of my clients’ journeys.

Smarter Training. Superior Results.

Many people training today are struggling to make progress. In the short term, they may see results. But in the long run, they end up burned out or injured and are pushed swiftly back to square one. This is a typical outcome when training is too aggressive, unbalanced and unsustainable.

Cycling through injuries and battling pain is all too common. Yet it’s completely avoidable.

As humans, we need variety in our training to function well and be healthy. That’s why I believe in taking a well-rounded approach to fitness. I combine weight training, mobility and cardio. This is the most efficient way to look good, move well and feel great. It’s effective. It’s sustainable. And most importantly, it transfers to a better quality of life outside the gym.

Weight Training.

The bread and butter of an effective program. It will improve the way you look and how your body performs. I program weight training around movement patterns. I prioritise getting strong with one’s body weight. This ensures you have a functional carryover to life outside the gym.


The missing link in most people’s training. Let’s face it, our lifestyle doesn’t involve nearly enough movement to keep our joints healthy and moving well. So it must be supplemented in. When our joints work well, we move better and exhibit better body control. This enables us to be more successful with our training and the physical activities we like to do.



Neglected by most, cardio trains the heart and builds an efficient engine. Aerobic fitness is the most important predictor of longevity and there are plenty of immediate benefits too. You’ll have a better work capacity so you can train longer and more frequently. You’ll recover faster and sleep better. Oh, and it’s a potent fat loss tool if you have body composition goals!



Maintaining our bodies takes more than 1 hour in the gym. Lack of movement and poor postural habits can lead to stiffness and various aches and pains very quickly. So I teach my clients effective self-care techniques. These self-massage and mobility exercises can be performed anywhere from your office to your home. They’ll keep you moving well and the body feeling great.

Soft tissue treatment

Administering trigger point therapy to the subscapularis muscle in order to improve range of motion at the shoulder


No two people are the same; from anatomical differences to lifestyle stresses, we are all in a unique state of physical health with different movement capabilities.

I train and treat my clients like the individuals they are and will build a truly tailor-made programme for you.




I hold a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and am a Certified Strength Coach with the National Association of Strength and Conditioning. I’m also a certified FRCms practitioner, a mobility system developed by the renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr Andreo Spina.

I’ve learnt and incorprate the methodologies of highly respected coaches such as Charles Poliquin, Dr John Rusin & John Meadows. I’m driven to stay at the top of my field and attend cutting edge courses and seminars each year.


Massage Therapy

I hold a Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy from the London School of Sports Massage.

I’ve advanced my hands-on skills further by travelling to Los Angeles, California to complete an Advanced Neuromusuclar Therapy diploma.

I specialize in treating myofascial pain and dysfunction.


Nutrition COACHING

I’m a Precision Nutrition certified coach. This is a highly successful nutritional coaching program that focuses on forming good habits rather than strict and unrealistic diet plans.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education (Brunel University)

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

Poliquin International Certification Program – Level 2 (Poliquin Group)

Certified Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Mobility Specialist (Functional Anatomy Seminars)

Certified Functional Range Assessment (FRA) Specialist (Functional Anatomy Seminars)

Certified Kinstretch Practitioner (Functional Anatomy Seminars)

Functional Training Expert (FASTER Global)

Onnit Academy Certification: Foundations (ONNIT)

Certified Personal Trainer (Active IQ)

Massage therapy
Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy – BTEC Level 5 (LSSM)

Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapist – Diploma (National Holistic Institute)

Certified Functional Release (FR) Upper Limb Provider (Functional Anatomy Seminars)

Precision Nutition Certified – Level 1 (Precision Nutrition)