About Jack

Certified trainer, strength coach and licensed massage therapist.

I’m based in London, but my job has given me some wonderful opportunities to work with clients across the globe. This includes working in the TV & Film Industry with Directors and Actors on films such as X-Men Apocalypse and Bohemian Rhapsody. I love my job and I’m passionate about helping people to get out of pain, and improving the way they look, move and feel. I am always proud and grateful to be a part of my clients’ journeys.

A smarter approach

Today’s fitness culture is consumed by looks and most efforts are focused on that. Often, this single-minded approach leads to aggressive training methods with a total disregard for one’s movement capabilities. The human body is very good at compensating for poor quality movement and over time, this damages our joints and surrounding soft tissues. Pain will eventually rear its ugly head. And when significant damage is caused, a long road to recovery will be waiting.

To avoid this common pitfall, I approach your fitness goals methodically. I carry out an in-depth assessment into how you move and how your body needs to improve. This is a vital process that ensures my clients’ plans are individually tailored and fully effective for them.

I address an individual’s needs alongside goal-specific training. My aim is to give you better physical performance and longevity. We’ll work together to make your body look, move and function better than ever. And make it resilient and built to last.



Strength-training modalities are emphasised with a particular focus on getting you stronger with your own bodyweight. Various tools are also used including dumbbells, kettlebells and suspension trainers.  Each has its own benefit in regards to body composition goals and improving physical abilities such as strength and conditioning. Corrective and mobility exercises are also used to fix muscle imbalances, improve posture and enhance your movement quality.


Maintaining our bodies takes more than 1 hour in the gym. Lack of movement and poor postural habits can lead to stiffness and various aches and pains very quickly, and so I teach my clients effective self-care techniques. These self-massage and mobility exercises can be performed anywhere from your office to your home. They’ll keep you moving well and the body feeling great.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy adds incredible value, whether it’s used to compliment training or not. Life’s stresses can have a profound effect on our orthopaedic health, as muscle tension and tight, rigid tissue can greatly restrict range of motion. This makes movements painful and weakens muscle contractions. I apply advanced massage techniques in tandem with your training plan to address and improve dysfunction.


I don’t need to tell you that good nutritional habits are essential for performance, health and an ideal body composition. But I can show you exactly what you have to do. From basic to advanced programming, I will help you create a diet to meet your needs.

Soft tissue treatment

Administering trigger point therapy to the subscapularis muscle in order to improve range of motion at the shoulder


No two people are the same; from anatomical differences to lifestyle stresses, we are all in a unique state of physical health with different movement capabilities.

I train and treat my clients like the individuals they are and will build a truly tailor-made programme for you.