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Why breathing through the nose will elevate your cardio

The benefits of nasal-only breathing I’ve travelled the globe to gain health and fitness knowledge for years. Who would have thought one of the most impactful methods I learned so far was simply to keep my mouth shut and breathe exclusively through my nose? I’ve always been a very conscious breather in the weight room. Bracing the core and breathing correctly is essential to keep the core stiff and low back protected during heavy lifts. It’s a skill I can do well and one that’s helped me...

anti-HIIT cardio workout in the park

Anti-HIIT: the smart way to do cardio

If you’ve been following me on instagram, you’ll have noticed that over the past few months, I’ve introduced what I call Anti-HIIT cardio sessions. I first developed the format as a way to get in my low intensity steady state (LISS) cardio workouts at home during quarantine, but I’ve really come to appreciate its benefits and practicality. An added bonus is that it’s fun, varied and time-efficient, given that it can be done from the comfort of your home.


How to Do Push-ups Perfectly

Most of us are doing a lot of push-ups now, which is awesome because it’s one of the best-bang-for-your-buck exercises. But, most of us are doing them incorrectly in at least one way or another and even advanced lifters tend to screw this exercise up. I want to show you five common push-up mistakes and show you exactly how to perform a push-up the right way, so you get the most out of this valuable exercise.


How to fix rounded shoulders – 3 posture correction strategies

Call it what you will, rounded shoulders, slumped shoulders or the ‘caveman’ look…this adverse “hunch forward” posture is far too common and 9/10 times, easily remedied. From an aesthetic standpoint, this posture type gives the appearance of narrow shoulders and a sunken chest, reducing your sex appeal by at least 30%. The altered shoulder position screws up shoulder function, restricts mobility (particularly overhead) and can lead to tight muscles, neck pains, shoulders blade pain, and...


The 3-Step Squat Warm Up

What does your current squat warm-up look like?    Foam roll the living heck out of the quads, calves and hamstrings? A 15 minute, hip focused stretch-a-thon? What warm-up? I Just SQUAT!   Whatever your approach may be, we all want the same thing – squats to FEEL good. So unless you’re a ninja or have the hips of a 4 year old, most of us take some time to loosen up before entering the squat rack. Especially if we’ve just been desk-bound for the past 8 hours. That said, most...


Squat without knee and low back pain

It’s Monday. Which means LEG DAY (If you train chest we can no longer be friends). After working through a few stretches, you hit the squat rack, load up a barbell, and crank out a couple of light sets to grease the hips. It doesn’t feel that comfortable. Squats never do. But you proceed to add load to get some work sets in. You un-rack the bar, set the feet and take a deep breath. As you squat down, you feel a discomfort in the low back. It’s not enough to stop the set, but you’re cautious...


The Best Squat Variation You’re Not Doing.

Squats might be considered the king of lower body exercises, but here’s the reality – most people don’t squat well, least not under a barbell. Whether it’s mobility restrictions or pain complains of the shoulders, hips and knees, there’s usually at least one reason why this is often the case. Enter – The Goblet Squat. Goblet squats – which involve holding a weight against the chest – might be regarded by the masses as an exercise for newbies, but this notion...


A New And Better Way For You To Stretch Before Lifting

Warming up for weights can be the defining factor between crushing your workout and half assing it. Seriously. Walk straight form your office to the squat rack and you can be sure of the following: Stiff hips that refuse to descend even close to parallel. Poor movement quality and coordination. Weights to feel heavy as shit. On the other hand, if you were to spend just 10 minutes oiling up the joints and activating key muscles, those squats would be a different story. They would look...


Facepull your way to healthy, pain-free shoulders.

What’s this…a whole post on facepulls! An exercise you’ve probably never heard of…? Damn straight. Its THAT GOOD. Especially when its a move that can combat the leading pain complain in the gym – front sided shoulder pain. If you’re anything like most gym goers, you’re doing a tonne of pressing work and your shoulder exercises consist mainly of overhead presses, lateral and front raises. The upper back doesn’t get nearly enough attention, the rear delts are neglected...