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A New And Better Way For You To Stretch Before Lifting

Warming up for weights can be the defining factor between crushing your workout and half assing it. Seriously. Walk straight form your office to the squat rack and you can be sure of the following: Stiff hips that refuse to descend even close to parallel. Poor movement quality and coordination. Weights to feel heavy as shit. On the other hand, if you were to spend just 10 minutes oiling up the joints and activating key muscles, those squats would be a different story. They would look...


Facepull your way to healthy, pain-free shoulders.

What’s this…a whole post on facepulls! An exercise you’ve probably never heard of…? Damn straight. Its THAT GOOD. Especially when its a move that can combat the leading pain complain in the gym – front sided shoulder pain. If you’re anything like most gym goers, you’re doing a tonne of pressing work and your shoulder exercises consist mainly of overhead presses, lateral and front raises. The upper back doesn’t get nearly enough attention, the rear delts are neglected...

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Why Training Like a Bodybuilder is Dumb (+ HOW TO DESIGN A BETTER BODYBUILDING PROGRAM)

(+ HOW TO DESIGN A BETTER BODYBUILDING PROGRAM) Walk into any commercial gym and you’re bound to witness a lot of machine work and a few free weight staples – dumbbell presses, shoulder presses, pull ups, squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, and the like.  You might see a token landmine press, goblet squat or inverted row but these less run-of-the-mill exercises are few and far between. And that’s because the vast majority of gym-goers are following a very similar weight training template – some...


3 Reasons Your Glutes Suck

Before you scroll down the page in search of that magic exercise – the ONE that’s standing between you and a curvaceous and powerful #peach, I want to take an entirely different approach. You see, it’s not necessarily your exercise selection that is to blame. At least not initially. No matter what exercises you use or what your set and reps you use, your glutes aren’t going to grow unless you’re able to properly execute and activate. My glutes are my most visibly well-developed muscle...


HIIT or Miss? The Problem With High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) struck the fitness scene with the force and might of Thor’s Hammer. Many years later and it’s mark has continued to grow – topping the charts as this year’s #1 fitness trend (According to the American College of Sports Medicine). When it comes to fitness ‘trends’, my usual stance is to avoid them – hell do the exact opposite. But with HIIT, I wont be so dismissive. This time-efficient cardio tool has stood the test of time for a reason. It...


Core vs Abs – Best of Both

There is one fitness goal that dominates all others – shredded abs. Its no surprise really, a lean and defined mid section is widely considered the hallmark of a great physique. Which might explain why notable bodies like Brad Pitt in Fight Club are still talked about today (He’s got nothing on Wolverine tho). But despite the obvious visual appeal, muscles of the core have very important functions too. As the link between the upper and lower body, the core must be damn good at...


The #1 Problem With Training For Aesthetics

If you were to ask a dozen people why they’re spending time in the gym, you’d likely get a dozen different answers. And that makes sense: most of us are motivated by some personal driving force that’s specific to our own lives. But if you were to take the exactitudes of our individual experience out of those answers, you’d find something very interesting: once you zoom out a bit, the answers start to run together pretty quickly. And the more people you asked, the more...


My Morning Routine – And Why You Need One Too

  “If you win the morning, you win the day” – Tim Ferris   If I was to pick one lifestyle change over the past year that has had the most notable effect on my health and well-being, it would be my newly refined morning routine. That is, a string of habits that prime my physical and mental state for the day ahead. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it always, what you do outside the gym matters. Sometimes I wake up negative, lagging with low energy and destined to procrastinate...


Master This Movement: Segmental Cat-Camel

From desk-bound office workers to elite athletes, a healthier spine benefits us all in many ways. Though admittedly, the movement I’m about to show you looks like something only Circ Du Soleil performers or veteran yogis would be capable of! In actual fact, every human being was born with the movement capacity to do it, and there’s tremendous value in learning and mastering this exercise. p.s. Don’t think you suck as a human being if you can’t do it straight off the bat....