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Three Crunch-Free Core Finishers (Core Workout)

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ ‘deep burn’ in the abs at the end of a training session? What a sadistic bunch we are! But for most, core finishers consist of a mash up of crunches, sit-ups and lots of bending and twisting. Your body deserves better than that. A lot better. Ploughing through a bunch of mindless exercises might create that satisfying soreness, BUT…at what cost? We have long known that flexion-extension exercises (e.g. sit-ups, crunches, side bends) are not very spine...


5 ways to train smarter

From 5 minute treadmill jogs to 45 minute stretching routines, warming up for weights varies widely among gym goers. Though doing anything beats rocking up to the squat rack after being desk bound for 8 hours, carrying out a random, non-specific warm up (of any length) will only lead to lacklustre training.


90/90 Stretch: The Best Hip Mobility Exercise. Period.

If you want to clean up your squat technique, get more out of your training efforts or just feel and move less like the tin man and more like a human being…chances are, you need to prioritise your hip mobility. When joints work nice, everything becomes easier….so let’s get them working better with the best hip mobility exercise: the 90/90 stretch. The 90/90 Hip Stretch – Pimped up and More Effective   You may know the 90/90 hip stretch. What I love about it is how it...


Press without pain – 3 Alternative Exercises to Barbell Pressing

SO…you wanna bench, but it hurts like hell when you do. Most people assume that the barbell bench press must be bad for their shoulders. To some extent, this is true. Like overusing any exercise can be. That said, in most cases it is bad shoulders that don’t play nice with the bench. (I’m supposed to be your side, aren’t I!?) The barbell bench press is a tricky beast. It is a very technical lift and less than stellar technique can be destructive to shoulder health. In the long...