Jack Hanrahan

‘Smarter training, Superior results.’

Jack Hanrahan

‘Smarter training, Superior results.’

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Not your average trainer

As both a strength coach and soft tissue therapist, I treat your body differently. I combine personal training, hands-on therapy and self-care strategies to make your body look, move and perform better than ever. A body that’s free of pain and built to last.



Bryan Singer – Director (X Men Apocalypse, The Usual Suspects)

Jack came highly recommended by my physical therapist and I hired him to work with me during my production: X Men Apocalypse.  I have a history of pain that led to cervical spine surgery a few years ago and Jack took methodical care of my physical health. His  skills proved invaluable; He kept me out of pain and functioning at a high level during the intense production schedule. Jack has my highest recommendation.

David Fabrizio - Physiotherapist, OCS, CSCS

Jack is an asset to the fitness world. His physique and level of fitness are mere manifestations of this dedication. He is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, exercise science, nutrition, and anatomy. He completed several year-long courses in massage and trigger point therapy, and has developed a mastery of these techniques. Anyone who is seeking to increase their fitness levels, lose weight, learn of proper nutrition and exercise technique should consult Jack. He has my strongest recommendation!

Dr Ian Gabriel – Consultant, MBBS, MRCP, PhD, FRCPath

I came to Jack with the goal of building lean muscle and losing some unwanted body fat. After assessing everything from my posture, movement and strength capabilities, he completely overhauled the way I was training. In a short time, my body shape changed quite dramatically. I was more defined, my strength increased, and for an added bonus, my nagging shoulder pain went away. I can’t recommend Jack highly enough; his approach is comprehensive and his service, unparalleled.