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You can look good, move well, and feel great

Many people training today are struggling to make progress. In the short term, they may see results. But in the long run, they end up burned out or injured and are pushed swiftly back to square one. This is a typical outcome when training is too aggressive, unbalanced and unsustainable.

Cycling through injuries and battling pain is all too common. Yet it’s completely avoidable.

As humans, we need variety in our training to function well and be healthy. That’s why Jack believes in taking a well-rounded approach to fitness. Jack combines weight training, mobility and cardio, the most efficient way to look good, move well and feel great. It’s effective. It’s sustainable. And most importantly, it transfers to a better quality of life outside the gym.

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The Best Squat Variation You’re Not Doing.

Squats might be considered the king of lower body exercises, but here's the reality - most people don’t squat well, least not under a barbell. Whether it’s mobility restrictions or pain complains of the shoulders, hips and knees, there’s usually at least one reason...

The best Hip Mobility Exercise. Period.

If you want to clean up your squat technique, get more out of your training efforts or just feel and move less like the tin man and more like a human being…chances are, you need to prioritise your hip mobility. When joints work nice, everything becomes

The 3-Step Squat Warm Up

What does your current squat warm-up look like?    Foam roll the living heck out of the quads, calves and hamstrings? A 15 minute, hip focused stretch-a-thon? What warm-up? I Just SQUAT!   Whatever your approach may be, we all want the same thing - squats to...

Squat without knee and low back pain

It’s Monday. Which means LEG DAY (If you train chest we can no longer be friends). After working through a few stretches, you hit the squat rack, load up a barbell, and crank out a couple of light sets to grease the hips. It doesn’t feel that comfortable. Squats never...

Press without pain – 3 Alternative Exercises to Barbel Pressing

SO…you wanna bench, but it hurts like hell when you do. Most people assume that the barbell bench press must be bad for their shoulders. To some extent, this is true. Like overusing any exercise can be. That said, in most cases it is bad shoulders that don't play nice...

My Morning Routine – And Why You Need One Too

  “If you win the morning, you win the day” - Tim Ferris   If I was to pick one lifestyle change over the past year that has had the most notable effect on my health and well-being, it would be my newly refined morning routine. That is, a string of habits...

The Morning Mobility Routine

Incorporate just 5 minutes of movement for a better day.


Muscular ailments and joint aches and stiffness have FAR MORE to do with simply not moving enough and FAR LESS to do with ageing. Movement is the best tool we have to keep our joints healthy and pain-free. But not just any old movement. We need to move our joints through their full ranges of motion.

And the best way to do this is to perform a morning mobility routine.


What the clients say

I am really enjoying a more balanced approach, in the past it has been difficult trying to juggle cardio + strength training. My body feels better now that I am spending time focusing on mobility. I have had to modify the lower body days to work around existing injuries (piriformis and poor ankle mobility). Really admire your approach to fitness. – Michael

I am so happy with my decision to purchase your program! It is everything I was hoping for and already knew you would deliver :). I have been paying a personal trainer at my gym $30/30 min sessions once a week for four years… I have already learned more from 1 week of your program. I ended my training sessions about a month ago anticipating the release of this program and am so happy with my choice! — Brandy

Bryan Singer – Director (X Men Apocalypse, The Usual Suspects)

Jack came highly recommended by my physical therapist and I hired him to work with me during my production: X Men Apocalypse.  I have a history of pain that led to cervical spine surgery a few years ago and Jack took methodical care of my physical health. His  skills proved invaluable; He kept me out of pain and functioning at a high level during the intense production schedule. Jack has my highest recommendation.

David Fabrizio - Physiotherapist, OCS, CSCS

Jack is an asset to the fitness world. His physique and level of fitness are mere manifestations of this dedication. He is extremely knowledgeable about fitness, exercise science, nutrition, and anatomy. He completed several year-long courses in massage and trigger point therapy, and has developed a mastery of these techniques. Anyone who is seeking to increase their fitness levels, lose weight, learn of proper nutrition and exercise technique should consult Jack. He has my strongest recommendation!

Dr Ian Gabriel – Consultant, MBBS, MRCP, PhD, FRCPath

I came to Jack with the goal of building lean muscle and losing some unwanted body fat. After assessing everything from my posture, movement and strength capabilities, he completely overhauled the way I was training. In a short time, my body shape changed quite dramatically. I was more defined, my strength increased, and for an added bonus, my nagging shoulder pain went away. I can’t recommend Jack highly enough; his approach is comprehensive and his service, unparalleled.

I was suffering from knee pain, mostly after heavy conventional lifts but sometimes just after getting out of bed. I even sent videos to online coaches to find out what’s wrong with my posture, but they kept telling me nothing was wrong. I discovered I had terrible hip/ankle mobility after visiting a physical therapist, but didn’t know how to factor that into my lifting routine which kept causing joint pain. After discovering your program through IG, I’m now able to build muscle and strength while being pain-free. I also have more energy after a workout, which is just a great feeling. — Chan