Services Offered

Personal Training / Massage Therapy.

I work very closely with a small handful of clients at any one time. I approach my clients’ fitness goals methodically. This begins with an in-depth assessment into how they move and what they need to improve. This process ensures my clients’ plans are individually tailored and fully effective for them. It addresses their needs alongside goal-specific training.

This service might involve just personal training or combining it with massage therapy. Added to this, I will always teach my clients effective self-care methods. These are both self-massage and mobility exercises that can be performed anywhere from the office to your home.

1-1 Mobility Training.

As a mobility specialist, I know what it takes to get your body moving well. It all starts with an in-depth joint assessment. I’ll measure your active and passive ranges of motion. From there, I can design a tailored mobility training plan based off the findings.

Expect much more than aimless stretching and randomly assigned foam-rolling. Proper mobility training is challenging and involves a combination of active stretching, strengthening and body control exercises. I typically design mobility training plans to work along with your current program as a supplement. The last thing I want to do is take away from the physical activities and training that you enjoy doing. But I will help you modify it if needs be, until your mobility is up to scratch.

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