A 6 month 1-1 coaching program to rebuild your body and achieve complete physical freedom

What is the

Rebuild Accelerator?

A highly personalized 6 month program that includes training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, to accelerate you toward your health and physique goals.

3 Key Goals:

  Improve your physique

Gain muscle and lose fat in specific areas to Improve the way you look, physically.

  Resolve aches and pains

Improve joint health to become pain-free and resilient.

  Upgrade your health & performance

Become stronger and more fit, to improve the way you feel and perform, day to day.

The Plan

It all starts with a comprehensive assessment with Jack, to understand your goals and needs. You will then have a highly personalized program built and guided across 3 important pillars of health & fitness:

Pillar 1:

Exercise program

pillar 1

Follow a well-rounded, progressive program that includes strength training, cardio and mobility exercises, tailored to your exact needs.

Pillar 2:

Nutrition coaching

pillar 3

Improve your nutrition with high-impact habits to drive the body composition changes you desire: fat loss, muscle gain or recomposition.

Pillar 3:

Lifestyle coaching


Learn simple ways to lower stress, improve sleep and optimise recovery, so that your body can successfully adapt and rebuild.

Navigating The Journey

You’ll form a strong, supportive and helping relationship with Jack. He will guide you through the program at a pace that is right for you.

He will make adjustments if needed and tackle any obstacles, should they arise. You will receive his full support, every step of the way.


coaching process

What Greg has to say

“Simply put…a game changer. A truly gifted coach with a passion for overall health, Jack’s ability to educate in a transparent, evidence-based approach cuts through the noise and empty promises of all the fitness misinformation on social media. Working with Jack has unlocked my understanding of how to maximize aesthetic, strength, and mobility results that I can see AND feel. Jack taught me to rebuild my body…I am pain free and have never been stronger”



Spaces for the Rebuild Accelerator are currently full. Sign up to the waitlist to stay informed and receive priority access when spaces become available.


Why did you create the rebuild accelerator?

I spent 10 years rebuilding my body. I can help you to do the same in a fraction of the time. 1-1 coaching takes all the guesswork away. It is the only way to guarantee results. I also enjoy nothing more than building coaching relationships and seeing you win!

How is this different from other programs?

It involves the highest level of personalization and coaching support. It is also a fully holistic service as it weaves together exercise, nutrition, stress management & recovery. These 3 pillars of health & wellness must work in harmony to maximize your results.

How much contact do I get with Jack?

Lot’s. The backbone of this program is a strong, supportive and helping relationship between me and you. We will have regularly scheduled check-ins throughout the 6 month program.

Who is this best suited for?

Men & Women 35+ with current or past gym experience. This is for the individual who values precision, efficiency and an evidence-informed approach to their health and wellbeing.

How much time do I need to commit to a program?

The program is flexible and designed to be integrated into a busy life. Most of my clients are high performers in their career with very demanding (and ever changing) schedules. We build the plan in a way that you are 100% confident you can stick to it.

What if I fall off track because of work / life events?

It’s natural to worry about what might happen in the future, but it doesn’t help you to take action today. Focus on what you can do, right now, and If you do come up against a situation that threatens to derail you, I will help you to navigate it. This is one of the major value adds that 1-1 coaching provides. We can adapt to your ever changing needs.

What if I lose motivation? How will this program help me stay on track?

Motivation and inspiration are fleeting. We choose instead to focus on purpose and action.

We start by understanding what you want and why. We then put a plan in place for you to follow. You will no longer be concerned about motivation. You will simply take action, because it is important to you.